derelict koan | Three (paperback)

Three (paperback)

Book one of the derelict koan trilogy


Ruth Chambers, a sales consultant for insurance megalith CTI, was swaying through life on a practised rail. But when CTI’s computer systems suffer a crippling info-attack, Ruth is unwittingly implicated as part of an inside job. Plucked from her life, abducted from her home and exposed to an experimental interrogation software, Ruth finds herself suspended in an amnesiac hell — a reality previously experienced from the outside-in, as the focus of her war-torn grandmother’s paranoid delusions.

Apparently kidnapped, apparently rescued and then apparently kidnapped again, Ruth sets out to reconcile her predicament with the parts of her life that she can actually recall. Attempting to reverse-engineer her memory, Ruth applies her dead grandmother’s ritual teachings — a practice that will supposedly grant access to the world of the dead. Meanwhile her captor, the seriously psychotic Lance P King, has promised that by using the same software that performed her interrogation, he will be able to restore what was lost.

So begins a sequence of events that will draw Ruth to the site of an invisible war, in a world before the world of the real.

‘Gaia wasn’t always a Queen, such ideas are the gifts of Kings. Kings come second and call everything something and then use such to make themselves first. This is what it means to be King, you make words for the space between you and the thing and then write them on a clipboard in columns.’

Read the first four chapters here.

462 Pages
23 x 13 x 3.5 cm
978 0 9807118 0 6